Ozora (meaning ‘big sky’) have been crafting kendamas in Yamagata since 1973, and pride themselves on promoting this much-loved Japanese game, supporting its culture, and safeguarding the traditional woodworking skills employed in its manufacture. Celebrating the natural beauty of only locally sourced and sustainably harvested timbers, Ozora products have won multiple awards for industrial design. Refinements to the shape and finish of each component has produced steady technical improvements in a range which is recognised as the official choice of the Japanese Kendame Association, and endorsed for beginner and pro players alike.

From attempting the simplest catch to showing off diabolically difficult tricks, Ozora kendama offer something for everyone to aspire to. Very few gifts will be welcomed by such a diverse crowd- anyone can play, from children and sulky teens, to curious adults and seniors keen to maintain a healthy mind/body connection. Everyone who picks up a kendama and takes a swing will find the catching action and wooden ‘clack’ delightfully satisfying (not to mention universally interesting to those nearby - expect them to beg for a turn!)