Seasonally updated in wool and cotton blends, TUTUMU are a highly giftable feature sock with unisex appeal, outstanding design, gorgeous presentation, and the production quality to ensure long wear and comfortable feet.

TUTUMU was born from a wish to preserve and to reinvent the multi-generational skills and cultural knowledge base of their designer’s home. In a country celebrated for exemplary craftsmanship, the people of Aichi prefecture take particular pride in their regional history of manufacturing excellence and innovation. For centuries, the strategically significant area which is gifted in natural resources, has attracted and nurtured the makers of Japan’s finest textiles, woodcrafts and ceramics. [Today the prefecture is still known as the industrial capital of Japan, leaning into future technological advance in automotive engineering, robotics, aircraft and aerospace technology.]

In this spirit of initiative and obsession with quality, the owners of a small, family-run knitwear factory in Aichi decided to apply their 60+ years of knitting experience to the creation of a new range of products. In machines which originally produced ribbed cuffs and collars in the post war era, Tsudoi Kodaka saw new potential for the creation of a dramatically smooth, beautifully fitting sock in the traditional Japanese Tabi or split toe style, with a fully integrated, seamless shape through every heel and toe.

TUTUMU’s small design team have imagined their customers as playful and stylish dressers, young and young-at-heart creatives who embody the hopeful energy of modern cities, and prefer superior quality over quantity. Clean graphic knit patterns convey their cheerful aesthetic, while the brand’s more subtle colourways suit a calm and refined sensibility.